Martina Proto




Martina Proto, freelance designer.
I am 25 years old and I live in Turin. I graduated from the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in 2020. I have been experimenting and working as a Designer since 2016. The first projects were university exams and personal works. The Academy allowed me to learn the design flow and use of software under the guidance of many professionals in the Graphic Design and Web Design sector.

What allowed me to detach myself from the academic style and continuous experimentation. I experimented a lot as a self-taught and the first customers were not long in coming. The first jobs as a freelancer were for friends and followers of my profile on Tik Tok.

Later, continuing to show my work and my skills, the requests have increased and to date I collaborate with many professionals in Italy and Switzerland.

Over time I have focused on Web Design, Motion and Brand Design.

P.S. I love art and photography.


It is a question of identity. You work on identity and then create online experiences, not just scrolling, it’s not just a navigation. The goal is to stand out on the market and to do so it is necessary to make bold and creative choices to surprise the user.

I work by combining modern design with technology in order to create interaction. The projects aim to create a powerful union between functionality and connectivity.


Motion and movement create a deep relationship with the user who is welcomed in the navigation. Moving elements, designed in connection with reality, create a connection with the user and navigation is transformed into an experience. Forgetting an experience is more complex: the goal is not to be forgotten.


Collaboration is an essential element to create functional products. I have always thought that design is the union of several disciplines. I collaborate for every online project with Andrea Angelé, talented Creative Developer. His ideas and expertise in front-end development are vital to creating powerful and bursting identities online.